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Inuyasha: Volumes 1-25 (all are in)
Juvenile Orion: Volumes 1-5 (all are in)
Kamichama Karin: Volumes 1-4 (1-2 are out, 3-4 are in)

Kindaichi Case Files: Volumes 1-2, 4 (all are in)
Lagoon Engine: Volumes 1-3 (1 is out, 2-3 are in)

Lagoon Engine Einsatz: Volumes 1(is in)

Legal Drug: Volumes 1-3 (all are in)

Legend of Chun Hyang: Volumes 1 (is in)

Love Hina: Volumes 1-15 (all are in)
Magic Knight Rayearth: Volumes 1-6 (all are in)

Man of Many Faces: Volumes 1-2 (all are in)

Meru Puri: Volumes 1-4 (all are in)

Midori Days: Volumes 1-4 (all are in)

Miracle Girls: Volumes 1-2 (all are in) [This series is out of print no more volumes]

Miyuki-chan in Wonderland: Volume 1 (is in)
Nana: Volumes 1-2 (all are in)
            Rest of Chapters in Shojo Beat (all are in so far)

Negima: Volumes 1-10 (all are in)
The One I Love: Volumes 1 (is in)

Ouran High School Host Club: Volumes 1-6 (all are in)