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1. You may only borrow books for 2 months.

2. Please pay at least your postage back!

3. If you pay the postage for it to be sent to you just insert the money in an envelope on top of the books inside a cardboard box, or in one of the books. Thank you.

4. Do not bend the books back or dog ear them. If this happens I will not continue to lend them out.

5. I am only sending my books to those who I have told can borrow. Please, though, suggest manga you want to see up here through a comment under the correct alphabetical post. Thank you.
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How it works...

First, find the post in alphabetical order that the series you're looking for would be under. Then find your series, next comes the volumes that I own. After that, in parantheses it will tell you whether that volumes is in or not. Thanks so much.
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Aishiteruze Baby: Volumes 1 (is in)

Absolute Boyfriend: Volumes 1 (is in)

Alice 19th: Volumes 1-7 (all are out)

Angelic Layer: Volumes 1-5 (all are in)
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Cardcaptor Sakura I & II: Volumes 1-12 (all are in)

Ceres: Celestial Legend: Volumes 1-14 (all are in)

Chobits: Volumes 1-8 (all are in)

CLAMP no Kiseki: Volumes 1-5 (all are in)

CLAMP School Detectives: Volumes 1-3 (all are in)

Clover: Volumes 3 (is in) [Out of print, was hard to get]
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Fruits Basket: Volumes 1-14 (all are in)

Fushigi Yuugi: Volumes 1-6, 8-9 (1-6 are in, 8-9 are lost)

Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden: Volumes 1-4 (all are in)

Full Moon O Sagashite: Volumes 1 (is in)
Godchild, Scar, Kain, Butterfly
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Godchild: Volumes 1 (is in)
                  Chapters for Vol. 2 is in Shojo Beat (all are in)